About Us

615GoneCoastal was founded in 2022 by TJ and Brittney Yates along with Colby and Lori Phillips of Gallatin, TN. The purchase of our first condo was in need of some love and attention. Excited about having a vacation home our family could enjoy as well as the prospect of renting it out to share the same passion we have for the beach and fun with others, we immediately began renovating our vacation home. Our intent was to purchase a home where our children and grandchildren would always have a place to come together to make life long memories.  We hope that you will join us with your family to make memories of your own!

TJ grew up in the construction industry where his father and grandfather built custom homes. TJ has designed, built and sold several of his own homes. He also owns and manages rental property in Sumner County, through his company, 615Rentals.  TJ, Brittney, Colby and Lori also co own and manage other rental property in the Gallatin area through 615FamilyInvestments. Lori has been in the multi-family industry for over 35 years.  She has managed for third party management companies as well as individual investors.